About Peepli

Never has India been so replete with stories that matter. And never has there been less media commitment to telling those stories in depth and in detail.

The Peepli Project grows in that space; it delves deep into the unreported, under-reported, themes that public discourse currently abdicates.

It aims to bring together the right platform with the right journalist to tell the stories that matter most to a country on the cusp of dramatic, occasionally violent, often wrenching, change.

Each project is reported from the ground, and is characterised by a mix of live reportage and deep narrative, the whole enriched with images and video, maps and timelines, and the entire suite of tools and technologies that enhance contemporary storytelling.

We are four storytellers: 

Arati Kumar-Rao, photographer/writer whose muse is Water, and whose tales ebb and flow through lives lived along the margins of our rivers – lives that morph and change with the vagaries of our most precious natural resource.

Rahul Bhatia, a narrative reporter who goes deep on development. He describes the choices this country makes in its name, exploring what the state takes and what it gives, and how these choices affect lives and livelihoods

Kalyan Varmaa photo/video journalist who has lived a storytelling lifetime at the intersection of man and nature, exploring existing ecosystems and emerging fault-lines and chronicling the stories of Man’s cooperation – and increasingly, conflict – with Nature.

Prem Panicker is a journalist, and joins The Peepli Project as series editor.

Over time, more themes will emerge, and more writers will tell those stories – the story of our children, touted as our ‘demographic dividend’ yet deprived of an education, a future; the story of our women and their struggle to survive abuse, to find their place in the sun.

This is The Peepli Project: where people come to tell the stories that touch our lives, and to listen.

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