In introducing Salil Tripathi, the problem is knowing where to begin, and how much to put in. Salil has written for the top Indian and international newspapers, magazines and websites and authored three books and counting; his work has won awards around the world; he works with global boards and think tanks in the fields of human rights and freedom of expression; his online CV is several hundred words long and yet does not cover all the bases…

…Oh, and he hates coriander, though this last has nothing to do with why we are delighted to welcome him to Peepli. The wealth of experience that Salil brings as a writer, allied to the breadth of his experience in the world of governance and policy, make him an asset beyond price for a fledgling outfit such as ours.

Please join us in welcoming Salil Tripathi, friend and long-time mentor, to the Peepli Board of Advisory Directors alongside Paul Salopek, Nilanjana Roy and Don Belt.

NB: More news, links etc in our August 12 edition of The Peepli Papers.