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What happens when there’s no water

Mother Jones finds a California town without running water.

“They take “showers” with water from a bucket, use paper plates to avoid washing dishes, eat sandwiches instead of spaghetti so there’s no need to boil water, and collect water used for cooking and showers to pour in the toilet or on the trees outside.”

The clincher:

“Juana Garcia, a 49-year-old mother of five, lost water two years ago—in some ways, her living conditions remind her of those she left behind in Mexico when she moved to East Porterville in 1988.”

Feels familiar.

06 Female

The 06 Female was a different kind of wolf. The Angelina Jolie of wolves. Snap Judgement has a terrific story about her legend.

The radio episode’s main narrator is Doug Smith, a biologist with the National Park Service. About two decades ago, he was asked introduce wolves to Yellowstone National Park. “I very much subscribe to the idea … that country without wolves isn’t really good country,” he says. “It’s incomplete. It doesn’t have its full spirit.”