About ten years ago, I staked out a water hole in the South Rift Valley of Kenya for 16 months. It was a small water hole, only about 20m in diameter. It was basically a spring on the floor of the Rift Valley. My mission was to photograph the free-ranging lions and I spent 16 months just at one waterhole. The life I saw in and around that waterhole just was mind-blowing.

I dug a hole next to the water hole and I put some hessian tacking over the top, and I just witnessed the life that water supports in that dry, arid area. In last three months I actually sat in the water, and I eventually got eye-level photos of these free ranging lions drinking.

In the first of an occasional series of interviews of those who work in the fields of wildlife, nature, water, land use and other issues that interest us, here: ace photographer Greg du Toit, whose lion-drinking image is reproduced above.