17 thoughts on “Part 1: Watering A City”

  1. “Take heed lest you fall”, while a philosophical adage, can safely be applied to Bangalore’s situation today. The louder and clearer we scream the govt, the citizens or rain gods may hear us.

    what a beautiful start, Arati, waiting to hear more about this story… and more importantly what we can learn from it. I hope it doesn’t need a king to resolve our cities water problems.

  2. Beautifully written. This should become a printed book. Look forward to more. Keep up the great work. It feels wonderful to read the city being spoken of with so much love and belonging. It runs like an undercurrent, your love for the city.

    Need any artwork for your page, let me know.


  3. So well written and engrossing walk through the liquid history of Bengaluru Arati. The issue is a big one and measures to improve have to be taken at different levels. Its a great piece of work and can’t wait to read the part 2.

  4. It is commendable that your research is so thorough and that the narrative builds up like an engaging story. Keep it going! 🙂

  5. Wonderful account of my home town Bendakaloru, additional note on various account on how this name came about when King Hoysala ( slay the tiger) lost his way in the forest and supposedly met an old women, who fed the hungry king with boiled beans.

  6. Grand narrative evocative history at its best. Bravo!

    Ms Rao, you have done justice to the founder of the modern metropolis. You have done for Bengaluru what so many have done for Rome. Thank you.

    Kempe Gowda was both a visionary and a practical city planner. Your story makes that so well. To adapt a well-worn saying, water water nowhere, 10 million thirsty people everywhere. Your story is a cautionary tale. Hope people in authority pay heed.

    Your narrative style and lucidity of language makes for excellent reading. The archival maps did wonders for me.

  7. Wow beautifully written. This totally summarises the feeling I get when I see skyscrapers, IT parks, SEZ’s & countless Apartments…

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